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Thoughts can bounce around in our heads all day, and they won’t necessarily be helpful. Part of minding our business is figuring out which thoughts are true, useful, and important instead of being distracted by every thought that goes through our minds. We can accept that some people are high strung, they talk loudly, are sometimes late, they like things we think are boring, believe things we don’t believe in, or do things we don’t agree with. We can accept that as reality and love them anyway. American definition and synonyms of mind your own business from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. Add mind your own business to one of your lists below, or create a new one.

If everyone just stopped offering their outlook on things and waited for it to be requested, there would be a whole lot less drama in this world. A relationship only involves two people, not every associate or friend these people have. I found the poem describing an interaction between a crow and horse interesting. The crow mentions ‘how green everything is’ which causes the horse to respond in disagreement while stating that ‘everything looks pink’.

He is a nature and wildlife columnist for one of the city newspapers. I doubt there were many such paper positions in those days. Shanks is on the verge of getting sacked by his boss, Crane , for his spending so much time out in the woods. This day he has been with friends – the young men of his alligator patrol scouts. An automated-decision system is also considered high risk if it may contribute to inaccuracy, bias, or discrimination or facilitates decision-making about sensitive aspects of consumers’ lives by evaluating their behavior.

We had once imagined that human attention was infinitely divisible, with each particle of it potentially available to advertisers, entertainers, and employers. But it was turning out to be fragile, even endangered, and in need of constant repair. Either way, these quotes can be spoken or sent to those nosey neighbors, family members, or friends. The people you want to stay out of your business might not even know that it bothers you that they want to be in your business. If you are the nosey one looking for inspiration to mind your own business, these are the best mind your business quotes found online. This is a funny film that stars Charles Ruggles in the leading role as Orville Shanks.

It was truly inspiring to be in the same room with so many passionate people, all ready to help these boys in the best way possible. In this first meeting we were presented with a “game plan” for all scheduled activities over the next nine months, including who should be present where and when. When getting involved with CSR there are certain factors you need to evaluate, like if that partner you consider working with shares your values and whether it`s contributing to something you belive in. We feel that MYOB is a perfect match for Admincontrol.

We can observe ourselves, our activity, and our state of mind. Minding your own business means being the self-observer. Think about how much energy it takes to go through every piece of junk mail, all the special offers, all the fine print, and all the sales flyers.


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Wed Aug 25 , 2021
Mind Your Own Business, Kristy! That can only happen when you start minding your own business and stop trying to think and feel for others. That’s being caring rather than controlling, right? Maybe, but neither one is minding your own business. My best friend really needs to watch Marie Kondo’s […]