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If you find yourself making or about to make a gossipy remark, gently stop yourself. If you slip up in a conversation, acknowledge that your remarks were inappropriate, and change the subject. Don’t let yourself be drawn in by gossip or reciprocate by adding new fodder to the conversation. If you do find yourself in a gossipy conversation, don’t repeat its contents elsewhere. The best way to do this is to refocus the conversation on a big-picture issue rather than on a private one. For instance, if you’re at work, switch to discussing the business rather than a fellow employee’s personal business.

Kristy’s big brother Charlie is a good guy, helping her with the Krushers’ Softball Klinic and driving her to BSC meetings. Kristy and Charlie get along great — until Angelica shows up. Kristy can tell Angelica is Trouble with a capital “T.” But Charlie doesn’t mind. The bill increases the civil penalties for unfair trade practices, which the bill modifies to include practices that involve noneconomic impacts or create a significant risk of exposing personal information. Covered commercial entities must assess such high-risk systems and evaluate the extent to which they protect against the risk of exposing personal information. A failure to comply with the reporting requirements is subject to criminal penalties and excise tax.

There are a lot of great causes to be involved with, but for us it was important that we could make a difference using our knowledge and experience. After an initial meeting with Mind Your Own Business we knew that this was the right partner for us. The Office of Foreign Assets Control, or OFAC, of the U.S. Only two controversies are my own affairs, one with non-Christians and one with Christians. I’ve made them “my business” by doing the hard work of understanding my debate partners and finding constructive ways to speak to them.

Whether you’re trying to think and feel for others because you are opinionated and controlling or because you care so much—either way is problematic. Now you may be saying, But, Jennifer, I’m not being controlling. I’m not putting my nose where it doesn’t belong. Even if you don’t actually give voice to your opinions, your internal dialogue is a steady stream of advice about what the other person should be thinking, feeling, and doing.

One of the first concepts I teach students in my retreats and workshops is the importance of minding your own business. Matt is a serial entrepreneur and author with over thirty years of experience in managing various small and large businesses. Along with Michael Gansl, he co-founded and managed NETLAN through 15 years of computer services industry changes, culminating in a successful sale of the firm to a NASDAQ listed e-commerce B2B company. As CFO for a 240-unit Manhattan co-op, he refinanced the buildings underlying mortgage for $22M, which enabled the creation of a $10M reserve fund.

To ask other readers questions aboutMind Your Own Business,please sign up. Look out for more music from Automatic soon, and stay tuned for news of forthcoming tour dates. During the month of August they will be headlining a month-long residency at the Echo every Monday. Two self-made millionaires visit a different struggling small business each episode and turn it around with helpful advice and profit-making ideas. To address these questions, we perform the largest and longest enterprise security study up to date. Our data covers nearly 3 years and is collected from 28K enterprises, belonging to 67 industries, which own 82M hosts and 73M public-facing servers.


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